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Welcome to Eggert Equine Sports Massage!  Andrea has been passionate about working with and riding horses as long as she can remember.  Starting her riding career at the age of 8, she has always had a desire to work with horses and to help them function at their best.  With the support of her family, she obtained her ESMT certification through the world renowned Equissage program.  Andrea provides a professional, personal experience for all client's horses, helping to improve their balance, movement, and performance.  She also works to aid in providing pain relief through massage techniques for any muscular injuries the horse may be suffering.   She is dedicated to giving your horse the comfort and mobility that it deserves!  


How can it help?

There are numerous benefits to regular sports massages for your horse.  Among these are:

  • loosening adhesions and softening scar tissue
  • improvement in athletic performance
  • increased flexibility and improved overall balance
  • release of endorphins, aiding in pain control
  • enhancement of muscle tone and range of motion
  • advancement in healing through increased circulation

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